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Friday, July 29

Peta storage at peanuts price

Data is the heart. Data is the brain. Data is "THE" thing. Data is everywhere. Storing data continuously is a big issue and thanks to storage makers, who offer better storage devices at better prices. Within them itself has arrived one disruptive player. San francisco based Capricon Technologies has come out with an innovative way of low cost storage solution. Going by the report, with Capricorn Technologies, PetaBox, a GB will cost around $2 and you can go upto one peta [1000 terrabytes]. CNET News has the details

When a world goes with more MP3 files, home video captures, digital camera storage, such a system will help enormously. Watch out for this company, soon to be gobbled by any of the Internet biggies.


At 8:51 AM, Blogger Saravan said...

Storage is getting cheaper nowadays. When introducing Gmail, Google estimated that cost of maintining a 1GB space is $2 per year. Probably the cost would have reduced now and I think that is the reason they provide 2GB space for Gmail users now. It will be difficult for the user to remember the file locations if they have a bigger capacity hard disk. Desktop search and meta data comes into picture here. Thats why desktop search is hot.

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