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Sunday, July 17

Commercial interruptions

Going thru the second issue of the Forrester magazine, an interesting technology is in the offing. As you aware, as a customer i am pissed off from the irritating TV commercials and print advertising. 30 second commercials are dead, they are not effective, as they were. Today's customers are very demanding. They need the brand to pamper, follow, cajol, surprise and interest them. It is highly tough for brand managers to translate the brand's attitude & values delivered in 30 second commercials. Now leading international brands are diversifying into various other customer interactions beyond TV. For now, the advertising agencies who ideate and produce all these TVCs are in the crossroads. For one, they can't lose the billing but also they need to produce interesting stuff for customers which has more accountable and needs to reflect the same in the bottomline sale. Here, Two companies are making interesting technologies for the future.

GoldPocket Interactive and Visible World are those two companies. They are developing features that advertisers dont yet know they need agencies don't yet understand how to produce creative for and media planners haven't yet figured out how to integrate into campaigns. We have been working on the technology for six years called Object Tracking, and we are going to start testing this year says GoldPocket's CEO. The technology can track objects on the screen to let viewers click on them and buy them.

Technology from Visible World lets advertisers serve up an infinite variety of ads to different cutomers. United's dow used it last year to address to specific towns near Chicago, for ex. advertising the carrier's low fare arm. I am interested in the addressable commercials that takes more of you into consideration says Steve Hayden , Vice chairman Ogilvy & Mather which works for international clients.

It is now interesting with the development of IPTVs and other digital platforms. In India Reliance already acquired considerable stake in AdLabs and conveyed their interest into full fledged digital entertainment pipeline. This makes the whole proportion interesting. Customers are switching channels and advertisers are already started integrate brands inside TV serials & Soaps and in-film. With the advent of interesting technologies like these, commercials & brands are heading for serious attempts. Till then, watch Minority Report for future commercial formats.


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