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Thursday, July 14

Open source UI toolkit for Web Apps

It is interesting that more and more companies are adapting to AjaX as their standard model for their webapplications. With a spread of web applications, the standardisation of the User Interface will be a big issue. Different standardisation of tools, icons will eventually kill the purpose the web application itself. Fortunately, there are already help in hand in the form of open source UI kit for webapplications from Dojo Toolkit

From their website's introduction about this:
Dojo is an Open Source effort to create a UI toolkit that allows a larger number of web application authors to easily use the rich capabilities of modern browsers.

Members of the team building Dojo have helped to build nWidgets, Burst, and f(m). To find out how you can be part of that team, check out the project wiki or see the project status and roadmap to find out where we're going.


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