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Tuesday, September 27

7 Technologies that change everything

Credit goes to Om Malik. He has written an extensive article on the "new found" love affairs in technology. His list includes Ajax, Biogenerics, Deep web search, HD Audio, Hybrid cell phones, Micro Fuel Cells, and WiMAX. What's interesting is Om Malik valiantly gives a definition in less than 2-3 sentences for each technology, when the whole world is crying to define what is Web 2.0 :-)

To me the missing link here again is games & distributed learning [Wiki] and of course there are few rappid alication development frameworks liks Ruby & Django.

Read Om Malik's blog | Business 2.0 Article

On a side note, Malik also notifies the demise of Palm as we know it. From yesterday, Palm pulled its plug from their proprietary OS and moved into Windows OS for handhelds. Microsoft wins eventually with Palm.


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