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Tuesday, September 27

Generation: Roaming

2006 may mark the beginning of round 2 of the great Internet era. Whatever today's tech evangelists speak about are same old wine packaged in a new bottle or a good wine receipe years before not implemented properly now being implemented with panache. Business 2.0 covers this perspective which i have been thinking for quite sometime. Like fashion, where Retro is uber design today, re-enginner an old idea and present it to the VCs with cash and voila you hit the success formula.

World will be a better place if anyone can do anything anywhere without the need for any special/proprietary softwares & hardwares. May be a far-fetched vision but truly achievable. Ajax gives you the functionality of the desktop to your browser. E4X will take away the treachary middleware required for simple information sharing between two interesting individuals. Blogs are now, uberly titled as citizen journalism. Wikis are collaborative knowledge sharing. RSS is the new "Bookmark" & Reference. VoIP is the new larger EPABX for enterprises. Modern day technology allows people to perceive their hidden subconscious mindset of being a Gypsy or a hippie. Roam anywhere without any worries about what you can do for living.

The very reason Web 2.0 is debated, discussed in detail is the mental shift of working from an office to working anywhere. As Apple proclaims, Random is the new order, similiarly Mobility is the new Chair. Like the aboriginals we are now species fond of roaming. So every modern day comfort should be available while we roam. Our GIS,Hybrid Mobiles, iPods, Ajax applications, Wiki's are all based on the simple principle of mobility.

Modern Web is like a pickle. It needs time to gain more value before it tastes so good. I believe the pickle is getting its due for now.


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