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Monday, January 30

Web 2.0 Lifestyle

Having decided to create a web 2.0 company from the scratch, the firt thing i have done is to uninstall applications from my laptop. The reason being is very simple. I want to testdrive the alternatives available on the net for my regular official / personal work.

Here is the list of web applications i use.

My Email client - Gmail, Mail2Web

For work & communication - Meebo [ I get my Yahoo!, Gmail, AOL, MSN everything in one single Ajax driven window]

Office suite - Thinkfree Office [I often user Word, Excel. Loading of the applet is a bit pain, once loaded you will work with superior comfort. Alternatively try NumSum for spreadsheet work, works perfect. At times I use either Writely or Writeboard for collaborative text / copy editing

Work assignment / tracking - Basecamp

Todo lists / personal milestones - Remember the milk

Blog / RSS feeder - Bloglines What else can come closer to this.

Bookmarks - aka Yahoo! It's even more easier with the Firefox extension.

File sharing - DropSend [ Dropsend is like every other file sharing application online, the difference is its brilliant desktop integration with a small desktop tool, so sharing files is actually a drag n drop from one folder to dropsend shared folder. Job done! very useful for people like me who used to transfer multiple MBs of files daily]

Photosharing - Flickr

Entertainment - YouTube - Well, you will say this is pirated. This is video sharing at its best. Currently i m viewing some of my favourite hindi albums [this, this] with youtube only.

Homepage - Google personalised Homepage where i configured my most visited blogs and news sites. So every time i use google, i know what's latest in the world.

But, overall, my feeling of using all these services is satisfactory. What's more i am no more limited with my desktop / laptop. My entire communication & work is now on various shared service file servers. So working anywhere is now realistically possible.

There are couple of tools which i am looking for syncing with my mobile which will be a separate list.


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