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Thursday, June 26

ECML, Google toolbar & Consumer consideration.

It is been 2 tough days back-2-back [ I haven't moved anywhere. Just brainworking]. Think will be busier with a MNC client by next week.

Google has launched the new toolbar with additonal features including, Pop-up Blocker, Auto Fill for forms and blogger direct and other great enhancements. chk it here. The interesting thing i have noted is not the toolbar but a link from google for the Autofill feature, which talks about a standard called ECML (Electronic Commerce Modeling Language). It is a guideline and principle thru which the field names [Form Field Names] to be defined and named. Worth reading & practicising it if you are a web developer & ecommerce vendor. ECML specification

Getting more resumes, more offers & more information. It is tough to handle all the emails along their way. Interesting to see that there is a compliant [global] site available for all e-com related issues. chk this site called eConsumer for the rest of the people.

Apple has relesed G-5, which is hottest topic running around with 64-bit processor, who cares in the world whether it is 32 / 64 /128-bit, afterall, everybody now needs to know where do they take money from ?


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