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Saturday, June 28

Why you need to Global now?

how many times, you encounter this. Talking to a overseas client, he refers a particular term, you understand it differently. At the mid / end of the project, you will come to know what he actually meant. Sitting in India, and doing global business is always been a challenging stuff.

This site [Marketing source - click here makes it easier to understand & work on the way you work truely transnational. I know, there are zillions of websites talking about this, but the beauty of this site is that it is neatly arranged all the information which are relevant.

Some of the categories are so unique, that i have never come across such a arrangement, anywhere in the web [i dint google :-)]. One of the few article, I enjoyed is this article from the people at P & G. This article talked about how the world' best companies utilise Internet for their business and customers.

Had a good nite dinner along with the team yesterday @ Karaikudi. Finished the "Ad Club" meeting at GRT, screening "SHOTS" a collection of best works from European & South African advertising. Seen, that PEOPLE THINKS AMAZINGLY!!


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