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Wednesday, July 2

Scope Chain & memory Wastages in Macromedia Flash

Not finding time to blog, working tightly on projects & committments. Things are looking good [in the near future atleast]. Will be back to school, learning, the latest in web technologies. particularly interested in the Accessibility & CSS-P levels to implement. Hope to write good amount of detail some time later.

Oh, btw, we [360 Degrees] are getting a new server, by Friday. Hope this new one will rocks. Before going, just a good link to boot up. Many-a-times, when working on flash, we confuse on the order in which we gotta work for some actions to take place. This has been a serious understanding issue on technology. When surfing thru' ultrashock's forum [], i found this excellent article on how Flash works & understands. Click here to read the article on Scope Chain & Memory Waste in Flash, This will i believe solve 60% of the issues which we encounter daily as a flash / rich media developer


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