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Wednesday, September 17

Cancun Failure & SC ruling against HPCL

some time, i use to think are we seriously going ahead as a society & in individual thinking. Time and again, it is proved that we are not. Latest examples are the above 2, one is international and the other is national;

Cancun - The big boys will not support the adults. It is once again clearly proved that America is a ethically imbalanced nation, when it comes to policies which affects them. The issue was very clear and praise Arun Jaitley for taking a clear stand in not accepting the guidelines set by the Big Boys. After all, for Americans Globalisation is nothing but Americanisation.

SC ruling stops selling of HPCL. Why is this country's politicians never look beyond their geography to understand that the world has changed. When the discussion was already on and decided to be sold, why is a delay & sudden deregulation to go with. One thing is very clear is that, the progress of this nation will & never be an agenda for any politician. Shame but got to accept and run. This is a clear sign of how badly we make decisions at govt. levels.

For flash junkies, one of the contender for the Calif. Governor election has released 2 min. flash film against Arnold on the Internet. Just read. looking for the link to connect. any idea.


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