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Tuesday, September 23

Encrypted Email & Will MS kill Google?

ahha....I just forgot to write this blog and writing on another blog for days. Finally somebody has done a neat job for email encryption. the issue for us is that there are numerous progarms outside with diff. way of encrypting. Still there were no standards for that. Now, i got an answer for the encrption.PC Guardian Simplifies Sharing Encrypted Email and the good news is that they give the download as free download for encryption. You can donwload here

And the most next important thing in the morning is the headline "Microsoft Begins to Challenge Google" . Honestly, Microsoft will do more good than bad. Traditionally, MS is powerful in adapting existing technologies and take that new user-friendly levels, examples can be the GUI steal from Apple, Browser steal from MOSAIC and whole lot of other biz. packs they sell. But this time, MS meets a mighty competitior who already redefined what is usability & powerful search within the reach of an innocent surfer. Going by the reports from the Bizreport, MS has started doing the ground work and the news report

"The new version of Microsoft's MSN Internet service, available this winter, will include a tool for retrieving digital photos based on images in the pictures. For example, users can ask their computers to retrieve all pictures that include a specific person's face or background." read more about this here.

Life goes as usual. MY ryze membership started going places. Let's see how it is going to turn up. and now started studying about Wi-Fi and 802.11 white papers to get an understanding of that. Let's see what it holds for me.


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