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Monday, September 20

Seen A9? Don't see ....Search

A9 as i listed in this blog some months back is ready for the primetime, that was the news from SearchEngineWatch. What's cool is if you have Amazon login name, you can sign in to A9 and customize & start creating folders, bookmarks to search, though all these efforts will not kill Google in the short run, but better watch google, the competition is gearing up for the future. provides several sources of information with a customized multi-column interface. The list of available sources appears as buttons on the right side of the search results page. Clicking on any button opens a new column on the same page (clicking the button again will close that column). You can adjust the size of the columns by dragging the borders to the left or right [learn more]. The arrangement of open columns and their relative sizes is automatically kept for the next search.

The current list of searches (and their sources) includes:

  • The web (Google)
  • Search Inside the Book™ (
  • Images (Google)
  • Movies (Internet Movie Database)
  • Reference (definitions, encyclopedic entries and other topics by GuruNet)
  • Learn more about the search features on
In addition to these sources, your personal history, diary, and bookmarks will also be searched automatically.

This seems to be cool ...chk out and btw, the great dog with a neat metacrawler dogpile has changed its name in the European region to webfetch ...apparently, Brits dont share the same feelings & sentiments towards Dogs like Americans.

The only drawback i see is their toolbar options. Although the toolbar promises a whole lot of stuff, but it is available for only the great damn f**king Internet explorer. Why not all these guys consider other browsers also equally to IE. If you are still using IE, get out and rediscover web with FireFox


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