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Wednesday, October 20

Peer Pressure - Mahesh Murthy's great article

This article in Business World comes with a lot of insights out of experience. Some of the phrases are really touching enough for an ordinary, common, middle-class indian to look for the brain over fair & lovely cream.

"If you really believed (like many of us do) that people should judge you for your brains and not your looks, you'd put Lakme and L'Oreal out of business. Advertisers, parents, the establishment - all know their job is to make you feel insecure - so you're conned into thinking that only if you use the right shampoo will you find the right guy, or use the right cologne to find the right girl, or top your class to find the right career. Balderdash."

"It's a hard one to get your head around. But that doesn't make it any less true: envy is a pointless emotion when it comes to your career. Or even life. At the root of envy is your insecurity about yourself - and your true worth. And insecurity is a great mirage that the system (including us marketing types) have a vested interest in seeing continue."
Read the full article here


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