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Tuesday, October 5

RSS Feeds from FireFox

Just gone thru the post from Kiruba on MS Outlook feature. Let me share the tip from the Firefox perspective. For those who blog, they have tonnes of rss, xml, opml feeds scattered across. Few use offline Feed Readers and others like kiruba use, online feedreaders. Firefox 1.0 beta has a neat feature. If you are visiting a blog or a column, which has a RSS link, you will see in the lower right corner of the browser to add the RSS feed as a bookmark for "Live Bookmarking". This live bookmarking is nothing but, the next time you are online, and viewing your bookmarks folder with a choosen blog, the last 10 Posts are visible in the bookmark section, you can either choose the post you want, or you can view all the posts in separate tabs. Worth digging your time on this.


At 2:23 PM, Blogger Kiruba Shankar said...

Cool one, Narain. Definitely interesting. Though I've been using Firefox, I have not gotten down to using the RSS feature in it. Now will certainly give it a try.


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