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Tuesday, November 30

3 Books to my Library

The no.3 strikes again.

Just added 3 books to my Library. Of course, these are not for general reading, but more towards my professional reading

Flash XML studio Lab - A relatively old school book for XML & its usage in Flash
Flash Hacks - O'Reilly, learn-the-secrets-behind-great-flash-animations, receipe kinda book
Essential Actionscript 2.0 (Colin Moock ) - The brand new book from Colin Moock following his success in writing Definitive Guides for Actionscript.

I will be busier with these books, learning for next 2-3 months. I am particularly interested off late in learning a bit of programming in Flash for developing applications. I may well not be the guy get in the way of professional actionscript programmers, but to make my self comfortable before delegating work.


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