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Monday, December 27

Tremors in Chennai & After Effects

My Deepest condolences for all those soul who died across the globe in this killer Tsunami. It takes time to digest things in the long days & nights to come. To me, it is a striking reminder of the "Day After Tomorrow".

We had a discussion on this yesterday at a bar. It's very sad that India always have some colossal dissastar happening in the year end. Consider Parliment attack, Flight Hijacking. In the last count these are all the indicative statistics of death toll from various parts of India & the rest.
  • Tamilnadu - 1,705 (officical govt. figure- expected to be around 5,000)
  • Andhra Pradesh - 250 (expected around 500)
  • Pondicherry -120
  • Kerala - 40
  • Sri Lanka - 2,500 (expected around 5,000 / 1 million people are said to be homeless)
  • Indonesia / Sumatra - 1,800 (expected to be more)
  • Thailand - 1,000
With badri's comment, i fear the overall toll can be anywhere between 10,000 - 15,000. For the first time, an earthquake attacking a series of countries and created a lasting devastation. In India, Tamil Nadu is the worst hit state. Around 250 people died in chennai alone. Nagapattnam is the worst affected, around 2,000 people are dead and another thousand people are missing.

My worrying factor in this is how the missing will be informed. For the dead, it's a confirmed one day suffering with a lasting memory. What about the people, who missed their kids, spouses, relatives, friends in this. Their suffering can't be written with words. They need to take the scar of this thruout their life. I hope, that every individual who is affected in this killer wave will be identified either dead or survived. Atleast, that brings a sort of full stop for the life long suffering of their closed ones.

The government has taken faster steps. A dissaster committee has been set up in India.
But, sincerely I doubt on our Dissaster Management abilities. It is even proved in the Gujarat earthquakes too. Unlike countries in the western world, Asian countries has rarely a competant team to handle dissaster recovery and crisis management. Let's hope for the best.

Let's hope the government takes necessary actions to clear this dissaster. In a side note, it is a valid point raised by the MET dept analysts. That people surrounding the Indian Ocean have less knowledge about Tsunami unlike their counterparts in Pacific Ocean. This is partly attributed to less amount of Tsunamis formed in Indian Ocean.


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