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Wednesday, April 6

"Wikification" for inter-office communication

Blogging went commercial. Business blogs are the rage for the year 2005. Silently, there is another storm taking place in collaborative communication. In the years to come, i seriously doubt on the efficacy of intranet systems, since web-based wiki's are the preferred choice for various groups.

One such company is SocialText. It offers enterprise level social communication softwares for organisations. It makes a lot of sense, since you dont have to exchange 300 mails to your group everyday. With a single page you can add,edit,delete,comment,note things that concerns you inside the organisation. SocialText is kind enough to give us their open source wiki product called "kwiki" for non-techies.

The installation seems to be simpler and you can go ahead wiki-fied in minutes with this server installation. The days are counted seriously for desk based applications, as I see, more and more applications takes the online path for global distribution & working. You can download "kwiki" from this location


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