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Thursday, June 23

PubSub - Content Matching Engine

While reading an article about Google, the information about search "Matching engine" came up in the article. There is a small startup in Newyork called PubSub actually is into this content Matching engine. The core technology is instead of depending upon the citations of the hyperlink aka Google's now infamous PageRank algorithm, PubSub uses LinkBacks, which actually scans the content of the page and matches with the query and informs you via your subsciption stack. [A subscription stack is basically a search query stored with your user name & constantly checks the website and add entries based on the scanning] With a free subscription the services of PubSub, you can create subscription stacks or search queries and that will be notified as & when any new information comes up for that stack query. Although i found similarities with Google News Alerts, the algorithm is much improved & different.

What's more, you can actually download a plugin or extension for Internet Explorer or Firefox as sidebar to track all your subscriptions. This is an interesting move. Other than that, it tracks 12 million feeds daily, and that for start up is huge. Let see how things moves forward in the future.


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