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Wednesday, June 15

Who will Google buy next?

My beloved Google is on the buying spree now. Continuously offerings better internet experience and search possibilities, Google is slowly raking up it's mindshare among the next generation of the web users. Already we have seen a lot of small time innovative companies are taken by Google and integrated nicely into their system. The very blogging tool, i am using now and you are reading is from Google. Adrevan of Kuro5hin takes the knowledgable guess based on Google's previous acquisitions.

Going thru his article, some of very lesser known websites & interesting services have come to limelight.

Known Devils
Unknown Angels
Interesting to see, how Google will take up these suggestions and buyout a few services listed here and integrated into their portal. As i mentioned in my last post, Google is already testing customised homepages to hit against My Yahoo! features and the new Microsoft MSN Messenger's My MSN features. Let's see how things move forward.


At 2:29 PM, Blogger Ravages said...

IMDB is a good buy for google. I was thinking of it only yesterday, now that google's got books, music and maps searchable, they ought to do movies.


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