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Saturday, May 21

Google Fusion

One more google news. I am certainly getting tired of Google's innovation. This time it is personalisation of the homepage of your beloved google page. Codenamed "Fusion" Google personalised Homepage offers integrated approach to extending web experience. What you get to customize in Google Fusion

1. Your Gmail account
2. New York Times
3. BBC News
4. Stock Market
5. Quote / Word of the Day
6. Google News
7. Weather
8. Movies and more

What more i need in my page

1. Customized RSS Feed with selection
2. My Blogger's view
3. Feed based Search History in [Search History is available, which you gotta configure for yourself, with your Google Account aka Gmail. Yahoo! provides RSS feeds for selected Search queries]
4. Instant search pattern [ So, i now, what is uber trend now worldwide and what people are searching for]
5. A sorta integration with iTunes / Mapster or online radio.

I doubt, by writing this, Google already will be ready with these features and will launch it in few months. Way to Go!!


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