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Saturday, July 5

Flash :; Few Names

Can you make out these names, Robert Penner, Joshwa Davis, Watson,Colin Moock, Eric Natzake ????, Well if you are working in Flash & Dreamweaver for some time, you will know all these names. For starters,these guys are the names to reckon with when you start developing / working something in flash, I am not saying there are no body else. But these guys actually proved the realness & the capabilities of Macromedia Flash to the world. Like in any domain, there are "Hall of Fame" personalities in this segment also, noteworthy designer to my mind is "Yugo Nagamura" of, and a few others.

Chek out these relentless capability stuffs from these great minds.
Robert Penner , Joshwa Davis, Watson, Moock and a countles entries in Ultrashock, Flash Kit and Flash move.

Just in case, if you are as lazy as me, not tyring any stuff new, and a purist non-programmer attiude, i would suggest you to try these Flash Components sites, for masterly creations. Hope this helps.Flash Components, Flash Compo-free and the latest entrant Flashloaded. Enjoy the Thrill of coding without writing a single line :-)


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