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Monday, December 27

Killer Tsunami - Few perspectives

I am hurried & bombarded with statistics of death toll thru' out the state. I can see disturbing visuals of dead bodies in rows & numbers in various places. I just can't believe still, the beach i love the most, can turn to be a nightmare for so many people. I am troubled by viewing death's of countless innocent kids, infants and children. I am deeply moved by people who are either searching their loved ones or crying on the bodies of their loved ones. I am looking for alternatives to come out of this total grief.

Water is scarce in chennai and water is deadly. I have been armed with statistics every minute. But honestly, i dont find any meaning in these statistics. The statistics wont' reveal the true picture of what had happened. It is not mere numbers. It is lives of people. Kids, infants, children, husbands, wifes, elders, grandpa, grandmas and so much more. I am struggling to find words to express. I am disgusted & ruined in my minds.

One killer wave and it turned my city into a growing graveyard of dead bodies. You can see bodies everywhere. Male, female, kids, infants, the scene is horrible and absolutely terrific to gasp. I still can't digest what had happened to this state. I have always seen all these Tsunami videos and never realised how worst the impact is. Today, sadly, i learnt the brutal force of nature at a huge cost.

I am seriously upset for those people who lost their blood relations. They are in a deep dilema of what to believe & where to search. It's horrible to imagine a situation like that. How can a mother carry on her life, without even knowing whether his child is alive or dead. It will be an endless sleepless nights & will cut a deep scar in the heart. Whether living or dead, all i pray is that every missed, lost and dead person will be in account. I certainly believe, imissing or lost is more devastating than death, for, you will carry that fear of losing for your lifetime.

Knowledge & wisdom completely goes blank when you see the hard reality. I can always juggle, technical facts, scientific details and Tsunami statistics worldwide, but what best will that make. It's all gone. It's all ruined. It's all lying devastated. Disaster to the core is what you can see in & around TN.

Just hoping to come back to my normal routine in a week. But the shock will remain for the rest of my lifetime.


At 1:08 PM, Blogger Aravindan said...

Narain..I am seeing this from a different angle...
Marina----The nature says to Politicians...Dont poach in to my area and dont do politics.Nature says u can not fix my boundary...Nature says to fishermen in Marina its my area...Dont pollute...Nature says biz people its my area dont do fraud biz here.Nature says to common people pray nature not mere stones.


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