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Thursday, December 2

MSN Spaces

As usual, Microsoft is entering to the blogging platform after every humans have realised in this planet. It's long been a strategy Microsoft adopts as a corporate policy. Some new technological innovation happens in the webosphere, (Is that a correct word to use) new entrants coming in proving the concepts' worth (ex. Google AdWords, Search Engines, Hotmail, iTunes) then Microsoft will take a plunge.

what is sad about that is, when Microsoft enters into an upcoming industry, they decide on the rules of the industry, rather than the industry practices. Heard some of the US hotmail accounts have got upto 250MB space for their accounts, where the industry now talks in GB terms for free email accounts (Gmail, Rediffmail)

Following in the footstep of Apple's very successful iTunes, Microsoft reveiled their replica of the same Music store with MSN, some time back. The music store is still in its beta stage. Close in the heels of similar note, following Yahoo's RSS Integration, MSN now is working on a blogging platform in MSN called "MSN Spaces"

I may have the right to fear that once Microsoft is in, the industry will take a nose dive on many counts. When they introduced Intenet Explorer competing against Netscape, we all know the fate of Netscape and how brutally Microsoft moved away from common Web standards to create a worst browser in the history of Internet and still proud to bundle that along with their OS. (Bring back the web, my dear reader with FireFox )

It will be now interesting to watch the big battle of fight between some of the world's biggest, hottest Internet brands competing for their space in the RSS platform.

I can now recommend some of the more tech. innovations Microsoft can always look at
Any viewers from Microsoft India for this blog?


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