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Sunday, January 9

Dear IE, i am leaving you once for all

Dear IE,

Thank you for being a pain in my ass for all these days. It's very fortunate that your father aka Bill Gates has made you so invincible with the Operating system. It's very unfortunate for me to work on the OS without any further choice in my office. But to say the least, you bugged me like anything, anytime u wished.

I had all sorts of issues from you. Improper alignment, sudden crashes, security holes (btw, with you these are not holes, but a deep valley ripe for the hackers to have their own garden build & maintained inside!!), unusual structure of opening 15 windows for viewing only 8 sites in my machine and you block the entire task bar with your windows, un-user-friendly features. The lists goes endless. I tried every trick in the book to set you right, but like a notorious kid, you always escape from me and continued mischives in my machine. Like a rogue kid, you bring your evil friends aka virus, trojan with you everyday.

It's time, i adopt a new guide to continue my journey on the internet. Though it is disgraceful to say goodbye to you once for all, thank you so much for teaching me a lot about what your parents aka Microsoft for. With every farewell, you always have some sort of good memories you carry with you. Being from the richest parent, i doubt i have anything great to take with me as you memories, but a mind full of issues & troubles i have encounterd all my way with you.

Good Bye IE. May your Soul rest in peace once for all.

For more obituaries to IE, chk Digital Proof


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