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Thursday, January 6

Look ma!! I made my film in my Laptop

I was having a chat with Balaji, my friend, who actually revolutionised the way Tamil Film Industry does the Editing in 3 years. Insightful, resourceful and on top of all, this man aggressively moves faster in post production technology. He runs an edit suite called "Edit Spot" inside AVM and a part of many hit malayalam & tamil movies. He just informed me, that he is the first guy to have HD capability to edit in his laptop with Avid, chuckingly. Man!! This guy will go places soon!

The crux of the matter is we were discussing about the rise of the iPod as a medium and how other companies din't even come near to where Apple has taken it. Suddenly i had this wildest idea. Creating a full-fledged movie in a box.

Our overall bundle goes like this. With a laptop (good one with your Editing software, more RAM, more HDD), using iPod as an external HDD or an external HDD, live sound recorder and also a storage of audio effects storage, a good digital Camera (Sony leads always!) and a camera mobile phone(with blue tooth & GPRS) for connectivity and a few DV cassattes. That's all!, take a care, hire a few talented actors, book the spot and just shoot!. Your movie can be previewed, edited, viewed, color corrected, effects added, post-production made on the spot. When you are out of the spot with 2 full pack of Lays on your table, you finish the editing of the movie in your laptop and take patch shots in your DV camera and that's it. The movie is ready for release.

I am excited about this proposition. I will test this out in 2 months and post you what i learned. The journey of an independent film-capturer (who am I to compare myself with legendary film-makers) just begins. Watch this space!!


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Good Luck for your journey Narein


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