Narain is the founder & CEO for 360 Degree Interactive, a web services firm based in Chennai, India. This blog is about his personal views on Web 2.0, RoR, Social networking,Digital media, interactive advertising, SaaS, Service Oriented Architecture, India Inc, rural education, Web standards, mobile 2.0 and more.

Friday, December 31

New Year Resolutions

  1. Will work on an another company with a larger client-base.
  2. Increase the revenue of 360 Degrees and make it run without me
  3. Concentrate on meditation & stress relieving exercise
  4. Learn one additional language (Hindi or French - not decided yet)
  5. Will try for a National Record
  6. Un-learn things & relearn it with different perspective
  7. Try my best to spread language computing
  8. Involve in more Community development
  9. Spread the word about Animal care
Although, in deep shock by Tsunami, still i hope the new year will be a good year for everyone and sincere rehabilitation efforts will be done for all those Tsunami victims. If you are off for a party, send atleast One Beer's amount to Chief Minister Relief Fund in Tamil Nadu.


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