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Thursday, January 6

Top Ten E-Business Trends for 2005

eMarketer has this prediction. I just took a copy for my own. Download my PDF of this.

Inside this PDF, you see 10 changing trends for 2005 & the near future. The predictions & my take on these technologies, channels in ( ) -s
  1. Alternative Advertising - (heard of Podvertising!!)
  2. RSS (Feeds. Feeds and more Feeds. btw, it's not your BJP coalition partner )
  3. AOL Changes (It losed customers. will it regain!!)
  4. On Demand TV (the remote control is world's powerful weapon)
  5. Wireless Broadband (The difference between the sky & earth is blurring)
  6. Radio Frequency Identification [RFID](Now every product comes with a patch!!)
  7. Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP - think Skype)
  8. Linux ( the Penguins are moving!!)
  9. Cross-Channel Retail (Amazon goes offline. Barnes & Noble Online)
  10. IT Security (Still you will have an African Emperor unclaimed wealth available in your Inbox for few thousand dollars)


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