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Wednesday, January 5

Outlook Best Photos Collocter's Issue

Outlook has came out with a Collector's Issue of Best Photos of 2004. Worth buying it. Chk the magazine Website here and buy it offline ;-)

The images which moved me.

1. An image of an old HIV patient taking shower in Taiwan
2. An Iranian Traffice Cop trying to control the traffice dancing on the road.
3. The cover image of a Bangkok Siege on road with a School Kid being the hostage.
4. Anti-war protests in London Streets
5. "I am Saddam Hussein, President of Iraq" - Taking Saddam to Court in Iraq
6. Taj celebrating 350th birthday a view from the boat.
7. Rape of Manorama ( The most daring photograph i have seen in the recent times. Not because of the imaginary, but the commitment & rebelliousness motives of this photograph. This photo is a testimonial what Indian Govt. did for the North Eastern states in last 54 years..)
8. The GAY couple marriage exchange in California. (Look the World is heading towards bi-sexual!!)
9. The now infamouse Nipplegate - MTV awards function with Janet Jackson

Worth a buy!!


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