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Wednesday, December 29

The Making of a Paper

If you are in India, you wont' have missed this word "Tehelka". The Tehelka team in the BJP period disclosed how politicians can go at length to sell military secrets for few thousand US dollars. The then BJP Govt. put a lot of legal cases against the founder of Tehelka and its team. In their earlier incarnation, they were a dotcom company. And it moved them to shut down their website. That's end of Part 1.

The Part 2 begin with a different stroke. A paper. A paper for the people. A paper which aims at what lied benethe the surface of India. A paper not funded by VCs but purely encouraged & funded by self-respecting individual, who care for free press. A paper which demands the reader to open their minds. The trouble, issues faced before the launch itself is a big thriller. Here, after a long time, i have chance to read the making of a paper (Tehelka) article once again online.

Of all the "Param Veer Chakara" holding majors, this man, Tarun Tejpal is much braver than everyone. The courage of this man to put the truth first in a straight forward manner, made him special to be respected as one of the top most journalist team in this country. ( Btw, i like the total team at NDTV , with names like Rajdeep Sardesai, Pranaab "Boss" Roy, Burkha Dutt, Srinivasan Jain, Vikram and others )

I remember searching for the first issue of this paper desparately and found one in Kodambakkam to posses. If you think, you can make a difference in your own life & others in India, just subscribe to this paper. It's worth defending for freedom to express than munching about it.


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