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Tuesday, January 11

Community Blog in Tamil for Tsunami Relief

There are more blog posts on Tsunami and everyone is doing their bit to bring back life for the people who lost it. Tsunami relief operations were discussed in details in tamil blogs. 20 days later, after the emotional outburst is slowly settling down, it is time for us to unite & work on the rehabilitation for the victims.

With that in mind, myself & Vasanth has started a community blog in tamil squarely aiming at the relief, rehabilitation operations needed for the tsunami. The blog is called as "Relief Tsunami" and will be operating like a community blog. We dont' want to restrict any thing related with Tsunami relief & rehabilitation. To reflect Vasanth's words, we can even speak politics provided that will help the relief operations, more tuned with social dynamics & environmental political issues.

This blog will be in Tamil. Anyone who is interested in participating can send an email to vasanth or myself to provide the login-password for the blog to post. Even simply you can leave a comment to this post in my blog or Vasanth's blog.

It's time to shed our emotions & tears to move forward to bring back the life for those who think they lost once for all.


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போட்டுத் தாக்கு!!


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