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Monday, April 11

Free Advice for the new HP CEO

No. not me. I can't give him advices but Wharton School of Management can. Yes. for low-profile Hurd, the newly elected CEO of HP, after the debacle of the now infamous Carly Fiorina. The best advice for Hurd is to sell their PC operations and concentrate on the Printer business. Well, not from a man on the street, but from the professors of the leading management institute in the world.

From a broader perspective, i think it make sense to get out of the PC business, since Dell is hitting the lower end of the market, whereas, IBM captured the highend market. Moreover, in PC population growing countries like India, China, Brazil & Russia, local manufacturers are providing tough competition for MNCs like HP. In India, apart from PCS, HCL, Wipro, Zenith, there are local players now competing vigoursly for the PC market.

The way for HP is to integrate their Printing business & digital entertainment accessories. There is a huge market for portable HDDs (Data Disks) or Printing parlours and digital cameras. Like Motorola, HP probably can tie-up with Apple or IKEA or Nike (design oriented organisations) for providing wearable devices, where the market is huge and competition is less.

How hard will Hurd go on these advices?


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