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Thursday, September 29

Making of Flash 8

It seems like the team in Macromedia really worked hard enough to bring in Flash 8. The recent Making of Flash 8 Video presentation in MM site gives you the behind the scenes look of what went in developing Flash 8. Surely and certainly, this is a nerve-wrecking exercise when you have achieved a cult status on the web in terms of how visual the web can be. All over the world, designers, developers are raring to go on the next version of the authoring system with new capabilities, faster development time, it is surely are hair-picking days for the development team.

Hats off to all the engineers in Macromedia US and India. On a sidenote, i believe, the Macromedia Flash Player 8 is developed in their IDC in Bangalore. That's my 2 cents.

Watch the video here | Download Flash 8 Trial | Download Free Flash Player

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