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Tuesday, July 8


Time runs so fast. It was an eventful weekend for Balaji, to carry out his sister's marriage with so much granduer. Things are getting a bit messier with the association. I may work with a new business associate sometime from now. it is very much tough to convince people about the potential & opportunities in the interactive marketing arena. Seems like it is one hell of a task to make people understand about what i am talking in.

Well for people with large amount database of email address, there is new kid on the block with a free ver. for personalised email management. The folks at Infacta is kind enough to test drive a fully functional version of their product. If you are new to interactive marketing and digital interactive possibilities for marketing, then point your browser to Creative Pro, an essential stop-spot, if you are transmitting from print to web to interactive design.

btw, adobe has release their new integrated video family with better products. Check out their website for details.

Busy running around, no time to browse.


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