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Sunday, July 13

is Matrix Can be really True??

This is the question, which i have asked ever since, i saw matrix in 2000. It is a wellplotted storyline, but it cultivated a habitual thinking of understanding systems & process. Computers are meant make information & process systematically. When the Universe, runs perfectly with so many forces, why cann't Universe can a bigger matrix-like operational system.

Just came thru' this fantastic research paper by the renowed professor >Seth Lloyd's,sentinal work on [quant-ph/0110141] Computational capacity of the universe. His argument is that "Everything that's worth understanding about a compplex system can be understood in terms of how it processes information."

The universe is a physical system. This paper quantifies the amount of information that the universe can register and the number of elementary operations that it can have performed over its history. The universe can have performed no more than $10^{120}$ ops on $10^{90}$ bits. It opens the much debated topic once again, if universe is a system, who controls this system. GOD??!!


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