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Sunday, July 13

Mr & Mrs. Iyer

Was busy some time. Just finished watching Mr. & Mrs. Iyer in Star Movies. Shit!! How can i missed this movie in theatre? Fantastically, woven storyline with a simple plot & few characters. Offlate I have been on hyper mode in downloading and using utilities.

Going thru' some of the postings against H1B visas and outrage over Indian software professional worldwide, I am seriously starting to think about the real meaning of "Globalisation". When the American MegaCorps were running in a frenzy mode in late 80s and 90s, America, the land of freedom, was the forerunner for Globalisation aka. americanisation in the East. When India Opened up in early 90s and we have just completed a decade+ of removal of "license raj", we have been the forerunners in worldwide Software & IT services.

When US companies wanted to reduce their cost and reduce routine jobs, they pushed the whole jobs to india in the early 90s, with the Y2K & the dotcom boom and the quality software service & support, india raised to the top very quickly. Now, faced by the downturn & continuing recession and a deficit budget by Bush, US States are putting a ban on outsourcing for federal contracts and anguish prevails over the Visa sanctions & professional harassment.

Is the land of freedom, is slowly getting into a protectarian mode ? Is US, is afraid of the raise of Indian & Chinese companies in the region? I really dont understand the logic behind this move. In a recession & downward economy, customers spend less. Which means, the wallet is tight. So, instead of companies & organisations spending hugely on discounts, they gotta reduce their costing. [Look at a classic market driven example in India from Cadburys & Nestle for their liquid Choclate]. To reduce the costing, companies, need quality vendors at reduced in take. When Indian companies can provide the cost efficiency, system, low cost alternatives for their process, automation and implementation, why the hell US is looking to destroy their own companies.

Every country in the world has its own strengths. If US was a consumer driven , mega corp economy sometimes back, India becomes a service economy. Why not take the benefits for their credit and utilise It. US, there is still a long way to go & to understand the changing geo dynamics.

Notable downloads are Global IM, an Integrated IM for Yahoo, MSN, AOL, ICQ and their own Global Community. If you are heavy user of IM, then take a dope on this.

If you are like me, who installs bunch of fonts, and tough managing it. AMP font viewer can come to our rescue. This can view both installed & uninstalled fonts.

Happy Weekend!!


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