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Tuesday, July 15

Monopoly backs to Internet

Just read this article, served hot to know that Overture was gulped by Yahoo. If you know, overture , a paid Search Engine Marketing company provides sponsored results for MSN, Looksmart and others. Look at this news, Yahoo! buying Internet search engine Overture for $1.6 billion, that leaves us with few options as a Search Marketer, with Google, Espotting, Overture [now Yahoo] and a few others...that means, once again, we have a handful of players controlling one major industry. Surprisingly, all the firms mentioned above are from US, except for Espotting, which is predominetly UK, that leaves us with a question, is Monopoly takes a strong comeback in Internet again.

Going thru' the recent Business world, i found support for my argument for anti-outsourcing information. here is a snapshot from the column "Economics 2.0"- Niranjan Rajadhyaksha

"Take the tax issue. In a paper publ. in 2000, Haravard economist Mihir Desai, Devesh Kapur and John Mchale have argued that the spoils from the international movement of labour need to be shared more equitably. H1B workers, for exampale, pay a range of social security taxes to the US govt. but do not derive any substantial benefits since they are temporary labour. They pay but nothing in returen - neither social security nor tax refunds.

The three economists have estimated the size of the LOOT. It was (hold your breath) S22.5 Billion a year. Compare this with the fact that our global software exports at the time were around $6.2 billion.

Now tell us, who takes the beating working in US. The Indian government as part of its bargaining platform, should insist that these billions are shared between the US and Indian govts. It beats sending troops to Iraq in return for the easing of H1B restrictions. My Mother India, learn from them how to negotiate deals ?


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