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Sunday, July 20

Adobe After Effects & Motion Graphics

Many a time, i wish, i could be a motion graphics broadcast designer than an interactive designer. The reason behind is the sheer creative freedom & non-interactive nature of that medium. For from the clutches of usability & accessibility issues and other statutory or so Jakob Nielson's stuff. [just kidding]. With that information, i lately had a touchbase with Adobe after effects, the defacto standard for motion graphics. Touted as the "photoshop for video" by professionals.

What is great about this tool is that, it smartly blends the tradtional skills and the new media skills in one single product. You can be a programmer, 2D artist, animator, 3D modeller and you can be any one. The recent editions interests me more so because of their .swf export features, and a programming stuff [motion math, expressions and others] build into it, for faster and smarter working. Offlate, i have started to learn the basics of these tool, purely for its .swf export capabilities for shear broadcast equilvant effects for other mediums than web.

chekc out this great knowledgebase, on AFX's Expression and for a clear understanding of what is AFX chk for details. It is worth spending your saturday nights & a whole sunday to dabble on this tool.


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