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Wednesday, July 16

Medium is the Message & Understanding the web.

"We haven't begun to understand how the connected world will shape our lives at a level deeper than commerce and conversation. Weinberger takes on the harder, deeper questions of values, social norms, and individual behavior that will be the Internet's real legacy". This site Small Pieces is from David Weinberger is a must read, if you believe strongly that Internet will eventually change the way we think & live. Reading the chapters available online, i personally feel how much i am indebted to the people behind the web. This book is a must read for people, who would like to think, how they think & act in the coming years.

Back to Back this book, I have read the famouse Marshall McLuhan, the man behind the famous quote "Medium is the Message" & "The answers are always inside the problem, not outside". Look at his official site for a inspired rejunevated look at the world.Marshall McLuhan. I think there is a sealevel change for me in understanding the way people think & work, for a couple of weeks going thru' numerous presentations, articles and others.. Let's see how i churn out the output...


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