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Thursday, October 20

Beware Splogs are in

The scourge of e-mail--spam--has reinvented itself for the world of blogs, in a phenomenon experts have dubbed "splog." And Google is in the hot seat. Offlate, my blog is one of the victims of the splogs. Sploggers or the attackers used automated tools to create thousands of fake blogs loaded with links to specific websites (mortgage, poker, sex sites). The counterfeit blogs also triggered thousands of RSS--Really Simple Syndication--feeds and e-mail notifications, swamping RSS readers and in-boxes.

You can help kill splogs by providing the fake URLs here at Splog Reporter. There is actually a Firefox extension available to report Splogs with Splog reporter here.

Splogs are polluting the blogosphere. "Splog" was gained importance in late August 2005. The idea of all these Sploggers are by providing fake IDs with URLs listed in their comments, the no. of web URL linking is increased. This directly affects the PageRank algorithm, with which Google ranks the websites. has a detailed report on this

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