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Monday, November 14

Google Analytics

Urchin morphed into Google Analytics. Sometime ago, Google bought the web analytics solution company Urchin. For starters, Web Analytics is a big game in the bad world of web development. How your site ranks up, no. of users came to your site, what operating system they used, which country are they from and so on and so forth. Web Analytics is a very important part of web development to measure the success of a website.

Formerly available for $199, Google Analytics is free with their basic web analytical information. Google Analytics has been neated integrated with AdWords makes it perfect if you are using pay-per-click Google search marketing programs. All you have to do is go to Google Analytics and sign up with your gmail account and fill the four step process and copy + paste the code given in the final step. That's it. You can start tracking your website's performance.

I am unsure, how far Google Sitemap is integrated with this Analytics tool to provide seamless integration of listing the website and tracking the same. Analytics provides some fanatastic features for free for starters. By providing site statistics, Google wants webmaster to come back to Google more frequently and also stirs the web analytics industry.

I have used Urchin for one of client website years ago and it was impressive. I have just added to our own website and post my feedback on the demographics Google Analytics gives us.

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