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Monday, October 24

10 Trends for the Marketing/Advertising

It is interesting to read forecasts. With iMedia connection on myside, Peter Sealey predicts the 10 trends that are going to change our professional and personal lives. iMeida Connection is for the marketing community in the digital medium. His trend forecasting can be debated separately, but i can certainly 3 out of 10 is already a possible trend.

His top 10 trends are:

1. Three Mega-Trends -- bandwidth, the cost of storage and processing power
2. Three Media Sub-Trends -- media is becoming digital, personal, and controllable
3. A revolution in the motion picture, television, and recorded music industries
4. IPTV: Internet Protocol Television
5. Performance based marketing
6. The demise of ad-supported TV
7. The rise of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
8. New and accurate ratings system
9. Ad-ID and RFID
10. A Marketing Renaissance

To me, the third is an interesting point. iTunes rewrite the rules of the audio distribution. with the new iPod Video, there can certainly be a new generation of "shorts" like the one did by Coke or BMW. "shorts" will be a new medium for advertisers. Like ringtones, with youth, shorts will be a viral idea. How movie making & motion pictures will change is a case we need to wait and see.

The second, seventh and ninth is already on. With digital agencies controlling majority of stakes on global brands, media subdivision is happening. VoIP and RFID are already in and are in testing.

Performance based marketing is the most imporatant of all the things. Today's advertising agencies are far less accountable than their actual spending. Marketing agencies are agencies which work on the strategy, positioning of the product/service. Already this turf is beeing brutally fought between management consultants and big ad. agencies. Like Google's AdSense, people finally are started looking digital performance let mediums for marketing. But real performance based marketing is more than just Adsense. Performance based marketing will work more than just a search query. With RSS/Atom Feeds spearheading the globe, it will be interesting to watch how the feeds are being used by the marketing fraternity for their advantage.

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