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Wednesday, October 26

5.3 Billion searches > $16.2 Billion sales

Our friend Maheshmurthy's Pinstorm has released its year end holiday season forecasting for 2005. I have already blogged about pinstorm in this blog here . This time going thru their blog, using their proprietary technology, they have predicted based on this year's Valentines' Day and Mother's Day for this year.

They predict around 5.3 Billion searches for gift articles and items and this will result in the revenue generation of $16.2 Billion in online sales. Seems to me, a bit heightened figure to work with, but still i trust their technology. They also predicted the cost per click will be 25% higher than 2004, which means, you will pay more per click and that hits your margin in the long run.

Read the complete whitePaper

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