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Saturday, November 5

iPod Shorts says Burger King has put in a series of "shorts" aiming at the new video iPod. Read the news. Sometime back, I have blogged here about the future of "shorts" as an alternative advertising medium for advertisers. It is now catching up the mainstream. There is a tremendous scope in creating "shorts" unlike the yesteryear's 30 second ad commercials. Shorts liberate creatives from limiting the message to 30 seconds and provides a vehicle to advertisers to create more memorable brand promotion. This can also be extended in the latter phase to Mobisodes are Small screen advertising.

With RSS Feeds and syndication, "shorts" can be directly accessible via any website or devices like video iPod or syndicated thru feed readers. It is exciting to know the possibilities of technology, as I am a firm believer of providing exciting options for the customer to opt for any forms of advertising or brand promotion.

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