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Tuesday, November 15

Will there be a "Dell" for mobile phones?

Going thru Technology Review's article on how Nokia and other leading mobile manufacturers are looking at Nano technology to be embedded in mobile, this question loomed large?

Today a mobile phone comes with some definite features along with a great number of add-ons. Unfortunately, customer preferences for the mobile phones are continuously changing. Youths particularly are changing their mobile phone on an average of 180- 240 days. With this, why dont someone can look at "custom-building" mobile phones. Today the technology available for mobiles phones are available globally. Functional features like camera, video camera, MMS, organiser, office tools, FM radio, music functionality are available with almost every phone. Customers may/may not like all the options in a single phone. What if someone can take up and customize the mobile phones the way we wanted it and package it and give.

With Chinese manufacturers, the outer mobile case, batteries,chargers can be easily brought under "economies of scale". I am unsure about the Camera part, but again that is also doable. Rest all have their own proprietary and open source alternatives. Companies like Real,Macromedia will give their media players for free. Groud level functionality of a mobile phone can be done anywhere [voice,data,sms etc]

The mobile phone growth will happen in developing countries, where cost & functionality matters more. Like Dell revolutionised packaged PCs, will there be someone to revolutionise the packaged Mobile phones?

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