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Monday, November 21

Wiki Movies ?!!

This is via a commoner for digg | and slashdot. This is an interesting experiment. Someone is using Wiki's to write a 10 minute movie screenplay. Titled as "Evening of the Reanimated Corposes" this is supposed be the world's first wiki movie. Brilliant piece of execution of understanding technology & utilising it. I can see an extension from here in the future. Blogs once for all changed the way Journalism and now we have "citizen journalists" and the way news we gather has gone for a fundamental shift. Similarly, i think, there can be a way out for entertainment companies to utilise mobile film makers, screen writers, audiences worldwide in making the movie and you already will have a ready audience whom, will bring in their own sets of audience and will revolutionise the way movies & entertainment being built. Technology brings interesting ways to utilise.


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