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Sunday, November 27

Internet Connected Components

Robert Scoble is trouble defining the alarming increase of "mashups" and internet based applications like Flickr, Google Maps and so on and terming them as "ICCs" [Internet Connected Components]. Nice name actually. While Microsoft called them "gadgets", Google just simply says them as APIs and Flickr call them "bits" truely they are revolutionising the way applications are meant to be written.

What is interesting is the way they are altering the internet landscape. Today i have a choice of providing location information with Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps and Virtual Earth from MSN and makes communication easier, faster and effective. With the introduction of SSE from Microsoft and the astonishing growth of RSS Feeds & Web 2.0 technologies the day is not too far off where everything in the planet will be mashedup and that will be an interesting scenario to watch.


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