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Friday, June 23

We the people!

Back from a month's hiatus. Was running and life spent on Airports and lounges and business meetings. From the rain dipping Bangalore to "jaane tho" Mumbai to "aasaal-lam-alaikum" Dubai, Sharjah to mountainous Muscat to "thalai vazhai elai sappdu podu" Mayavaram, life just runs on every possible transportation except ships.

Business 2.0 lists worlds' top 50 People who matter. You can find the all time favourite names to new geeks in the list. What surprised & excited me is the No. 7 - The Emerging Global Middle Class.

From the excerpt:
The Emerging Global Middle Class
China, India, Russia, Brazil, and elsewhere

Why They Matter: According to Goldman Sachs, in the next decade, more than 800 million people in China, India, Russia, and Brazil will qualify as middle class -- meaning they will earn more than $3,000 per year. To put the figure in context, that's more than the combined population of the United States, Western Europe, and Japan. These ambitious, well-educated workers represent both a threat and an opportunity for corporate America. On the one hand, thanks to global competition, they're bringing brutal cost pressure to bear on U.S. products. Yet at the same time, these newly affluent consumers have money to spend -- more than $1 trillion a year, according to most estimates -- and they generally aspire to own American brands and other high-quality imports. They're looking forward to enjoying a more comfortable way of life, and huge opportunities await the global firms that figure out how to deliver that at a price these workers can afford.

Certainly People rocks! Most important factor is finally Corporate America and the developed nations accept in public the raising middle class and got to accept the "rule of the land" in these diversed geographies. Good to the see the BRIC report finally comes in effect.