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Saturday, June 26

Got a new bike

Finally, i landed up with a new bike called TVS Centra, promised to be a 100Kmpl bike. Let's see how is it turning in my hands. Just getting busier day by day with projects & solutions.

Thursday, June 17

not 1 GB ...10 GB email space.

1 GB from GMAIL and 2GB from Yahoo and i have a 3 free accounts in rediff, which accounts for 3 GB (1GB each) and if i upgrade to pro, then i will get 10 GB... just waiting for the reactions of MSN & Hotmail, if they also provide another 1-2 GB space, then i have a mini HDD online already setup online. Just consider the total, which gets down to roughly around, 6 - 8GB space, and i have the chance of creating more free accounts.

Rediff gets into the Email space bandwagon....

" India Ltd has increased the e-mail space provided on its portal for free users to one GB from five MB and that of its premium users to two GB from 10 MB, even as the company hiked the single outgoing and incoming e-mail message size to 10 MB. The offer becomes effective from 8 p.m. (IST) on Thursday.

"With this increase, we have become the first and the largest e-mail storage provider in the country, and users no longer have to worry about deleting mails to stay within the storage limit, Executive Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer Rohit Varma said in Mumbai on Thursday. "

news here

Will the Lycos, Hotmail, Indiatimes, Sify also get into this stuff...then i dont have buy another HDD for my office....rather i would keep the whole files online.

Tuesday, June 15

Yahoo offers 100 MB space FREE

Yahoo! is offering 25 times more storage space from Tuesday with its free e-mail service to counter Google's Gmail threat, reported The Register.

The size of Yahoo! free e-mail accounts has been increased to 100MB. "Yahoo! Mail Plus users, who pay for the service, will see their inboxes grow to 2GB of storage. Charges will be cut from $29.99 to $19.99 a year," said The Register.

The move is widely seen by analysts as a bid to ward off the Google challenge, which promises to offer users 1000 MB space.

Yahoo! Mail is also being redesigned. Yahoo! is also wooing new users, and urging existing users to sign up for more accounts, by opening up addresses that have been inactive for some time. Yahoo! currently junks e-mail addresses that have not been in use for more than six months.

and that's what you call it competition

chk the news here

Monday, June 14

Google ....... More Google

This is a surprise information from Elegant Hack about a new tool or rather service or value addition, whatever the way you consider it. Been a google fan & die-hard user, i always compare google with some of the innovative stuff around in search & search engine solutions.

Like the preview available in vivisimo or 3 tier search info. available in Teoma or picture previews available in Alexa. But one guy took the initiative and made a product out of that.... chk More Google, it's a 300K download which can work along with your Internet Explorer (not available for other i hate to use IE, coz of this )along with your google page.

What it gives you is the ability to preview the search result pages in thumbnail along with a "Open in a new window" with "site statistics". That's cool....

>> See page preview thumbnails cool!
>> "Open in New Window" Button
>> Live product information new!
>> Get accurate site access statistics
>> Retrieve older versions of a site
>> Find more related web sites

The above are the features you get along with your google search. It's worth downloading from More Google's website.

Try it.

Tuesday, June 8

Gods (Demi Gods) of Modern Web Design

Months before, i have registered a post on the gods of flash ( there are more semi-gods now...but to me the unshakable god of all time is Robert Penner. This time, let me give you my personal favourite of gods & demi gods of Web standards.

Starting with none other than Eric Mayer, for his seminal contribution to CSS & Webstandards alike. Follows closely by two gentleman who pioneered the concept of webstandards & extend the boundries of CSS design - Jeffery Zeldman and dont forget to read is Daily Report and Dave Shea.

On the design & asethetics side, we have Douglas Bowman, Russ Weakley and Dan Cederholm and there are countless names like Nick Finck ( Digital Web Magazine fame), Andy Budd (Budd's Weblog)among others.

What is astonishing is these people have really pushed the envelope of accessible, standard based, content centric, browser independent yet still aesthetic web design & development. If you are a novice just pay a visit to the site and you know, why they are all Gods of Modern Webdesign

Saturday, June 5

RSS Feeds Can Build Web Traffic

There is an increasing fear among the leading portals that by providing RSS feeds, visitors wont visit their sites and reads news using their offline RSS Feed readers. This is not fully true. There was an article which suggests the opposite. This is a case study done by CNN within their own online network. In fact, RSS feeds considerably increases the site value and also increase the amount of visibility of content for the site. This not only allows for more content offered to the client (content briefs, i would say), interested visitors will always go to the relevant section of the site, with the RSS feed link, for full content. This will also increases the value & benefits for targetted ads. Read the full article over here....RSS Feeds Can Build Web Traffic

Budget Design

If you are like me, who is on a constant search & update of moving towards standard compliant development in Web, this download is a must-have. What's more, this is endorsed by Dave Shea (CSS ZEN GARDEN). This gives you practical tips & information about work flow, reusing of code & logic, project management among others.

Go to SineLogic and download the Budget Design PDF document. It's Free for only next 6 days then it will be priced as $9 e-book download. Worth pointing your cursor now....

What's more the founders of the sinelogic even runs a blog called Superfluousbanter full of articles on responsible usage of CSS, Standards & Design.

That's what you call it as "double whammy" offer :-)

Friday, June 4

Just stumped upon this useful stuff via It allows me to post pictures along with the messages like this one. Good service and it's absolutely FREE what more you can ask for... Posted by Hello

It's a Photo Test Posted by Hello

Day After Tomorrow

Day after tomorrow (today) after watching the movie Day After Tomorrow for the second time, i just browsed thru the net to find out is the threat real. The threat is real indeed. There is an organisation fighting against the Bush government to urge to adhere to the Kyoto protocol.They even have an online petition which any environmental concered people can sign & send it to Bush File your petition here

But there is more than just a petition to the info. There is infact a Climate Stewardship Act and you get atleast 2000 records on global warming & climate conditions in google. Google search results

Why we need to support & push every governments in the world for Climate Stewardship Act?

The reasons are listed here

But what's startling to me is the some of the following findings. These findings are not from ad. agency statistics ;-) but by leading professors, research institutes and others.

"Greenhouse gases are accumulating in the Earth’s atmosphere as a result of human activities, causing surface air temperatures and subsurface ocean temperatures to rise. Temperatures are, in fact, rising.” - A U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) study

"U.S. emissions increased by 14% in the 1990’s despite a U.S. pledge to stabilize emissions and government efforts to implement a “voluntary” plan with industry."

"Using projections of species’ distributions for future climate scenarios, we assess extinction risks for sample regions that cover some 20% of the Earth’s terrestrial surface. Exploring three approaches in which the estimated probability of extinction shows a power law relationship with geographical range size, we predict, on the basis of mid-range climate-warming scenarios for 2050, that 15–37% of species in our sample of regions and taxa will be ‘committed to extinction’."

It's time we need to pack our bags to take action or move to another planet in the generations to come.