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Monday, March 28

Print is the New Web

In a world where for every big company there is a consultant, which asks hefty fees for doing their work, one consulting company has taken a different route and gets into publication. No I am not talking about 300 page document outlining one particular industry, rather it works like a general magaine filled with research facts & figures for various industries. Forrester research has come out with a magazine called Forrester magazine.

Going by their own declaration of what the magazine is about it is referred as

"This magazine’s ambition is to become a permanent part of CEOs’ business libraries, stuffed with ideas and advice that will last. We cover pressing topics with rigor, utility, and imagination"

Print is finally coming of age and Print may be the new web, just look around for the no. of magazines & dailies you have. For every topic under the sun, there is a magazine in your newstand. I hope in the footsteps of HBR & Forrester other consulting companies will also launch their print edition.

If you are an ad. guy, check out the magazine from Ogilvy called Viewpoint, worth allocating some space in your bookrack.

Friday, March 25

Browser Brigade

It was once said, that the Browser war was over and Microsoft's Internet Explorer will be undisputed leader in the browser space. Everybody accepted that time, since the only worthwhile competitor at that time, Netscape is losing the battle. Internet Explorer will be the defacto gateway for WWW pages. period.

Enter Mozilla Firefox. From a humble beginning in 2003, today Firefox spreads like virus among people, developers, enthusiasts and like. Organisations have wake up to the fact that their web based applications need not be IE centric. Developers have embrassed the standard way to design, develop & structure web pages. It was not the case years before. You need tweak separately IE & Netscape with proprietary tags & programming to make certain functionalities work.

Not only Firefox, changed the perception that WWW is not IE, but it also helped other players to rethink about their position & re engerise to create quality browser products.

Off late, AOL is in discussion with Mozilla. Google is talking to the Firefox community. Silently, Netscape has launched their Netscape Browser 8 beta. Microsoft because of the pressure, postponed the launch of Internet Explorer 7.

May the war bring happiness & peace to the ever changing web.

Incidently, Microsoft is also testing a RSS aggregation service via web. Although this is not an official launch, this is an incubation experiment from MSN - Watch whereas, Yahoo already has My Yahoo! RSS aggregation and surprisingly Google hasn't created one yet. Maybe they are working on a much better service ;-)

eBay is in. Baazee is out

As a regular user of, an Indian auction, eBayish website, I received an email in the morning saying that the transformation to eBay is complete. FYI, was bought over by eBay and is now recherishtened as eBay India.

But still i am yet to know from them, whether i can transact with International eBay community?

Thursday, March 24

Interactive Tutorials from Macromedia

This may be an old news, but i just saw that today in the Macromedia's website. Macromedia's Developer Center now comes with Interactive Tutorials, which means, these are all flash based Breeze presentation for various tutorials dealing with animation, web design, mobile devices and lots more. Surely the way to go for the future of training.

Monday, March 21

Devil is in the Details

Post selling of CSSVault, there are couple of Standard compliant, web development companions are started cropping across. After the revamp of Stylegala, one more site is in the fray, called Devils Details, to capture the attentions of the Webdeveloper.

The good thing about all these websites are, that everybody is showcasing standard compliant design & structure adopted by big corporations, which to me is a good sign in the years to come for neutral web. Finally, we evolved to respect the people who use the website rather than the browsers they use. In the similar line, Googlex is fine example of what DHTML with little bit javascript can provide

Thursday, March 17

Protest Narendra Modi in US

Chk this link and post your protest of the visit of Narendra Modi, the chief Architect of Gujarat genocide.

Wednesday, March 9

Back again

Just back again, from hectic marketing activity, promoting my new company called "Cut | Create" - which allows story tellers, advertising producers and agencies to utilise visual technology & solutions for faster, effective content creation. More on that little later.