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Saturday, September 27


Whom will you attribute the success of internet marketing & B2C penetration via net. From the days of dot-com hype to crash and to the further settling down, few companies in the Internet has shown, what Internet & WWW is really capable of. Yahoo!, Google, Amazon, Napster, eBay, ICQ are among the few.

Now the tide is in favour of Amazon. After making a huge impact in the etail business for books [and a whole lot of things now they sell!], amazon is seriously considering entering into Google's turf, Search Engines. I have written in my prev. post about Microsoft looking ahead to write their own "bot" for a searchengine of their own, after Look Smart & Overture have been swallowed by Yahoo!.

Now it's turn of amazon. The start up put up by Amazon known now as "A9" will commence their operations from October with an employee set of 30 people to begin with in the, heart of innovation, Palo Alto, California. There is a detailed news about this in Biz Invades Google's Turf

On a weekend, i am off to pondy. cya on monday.

Wednesday, September 24

Finally Macromedia has its praising

Gone thru the morning, global technology, after successive quarter loss MM is back for now & better with its MX 2004 range of products. Know more about the exiciting times of MM and a down memory lane of its accomplishments.

Tuesday, September 23

Macromedia - Royale Initiative

Wow, I have not seen this for long time after the new revamp from MM. If you are servicing enterprise customers, This Royale Initiative is worth having a look. It connects you with the best minds in the enterprise space.Macromedia - Royale Initiative : FAQ

Macromedia - Royale Initiative

Wow, I have not seen this for long time after the new revamp from MM. If you are servicing enterprise customers, This Royale Initiative is worth having a look. It connects you with the best minds in the enterprise space.Macromedia - Royale Initiative : FAQ

Encrypted Email & Will MS kill Google?

ahha....I just forgot to write this blog and writing on another blog for days. Finally somebody has done a neat job for email encryption. the issue for us is that there are numerous progarms outside with diff. way of encrypting. Still there were no standards for that. Now, i got an answer for the encrption.PC Guardian Simplifies Sharing Encrypted Email and the good news is that they give the download as free download for encryption. You can donwload here

And the most next important thing in the morning is the headline "Microsoft Begins to Challenge Google" . Honestly, Microsoft will do more good than bad. Traditionally, MS is powerful in adapting existing technologies and take that new user-friendly levels, examples can be the GUI steal from Apple, Browser steal from MOSAIC and whole lot of other biz. packs they sell. But this time, MS meets a mighty competitior who already redefined what is usability & powerful search within the reach of an innocent surfer. Going by the reports from the Bizreport, MS has started doing the ground work and the news report

"The new version of Microsoft's MSN Internet service, available this winter, will include a tool for retrieving digital photos based on images in the pictures. For example, users can ask their computers to retrieve all pictures that include a specific person's face or background." read more about this here.

Life goes as usual. MY ryze membership started going places. Let's see how it is going to turn up. and now started studying about Wi-Fi and 802.11 white papers to get an understanding of that. Let's see what it holds for me.

Thursday, September 18

E-Mail Marketing Works - A Stats. Proving Point

the power email marketing is witnesssed with this email survey. Finally, people have started accepting mails and spam cannot be told as an excuse for taking an email markting route. Chk this report Making E-Mail Marketing Work - BizReport

Wednesday, September 17

Cancun Failure & SC ruling against HPCL

some time, i use to think are we seriously going ahead as a society & in individual thinking. Time and again, it is proved that we are not. Latest examples are the above 2, one is international and the other is national;

Cancun - The big boys will not support the adults. It is once again clearly proved that America is a ethically imbalanced nation, when it comes to policies which affects them. The issue was very clear and praise Arun Jaitley for taking a clear stand in not accepting the guidelines set by the Big Boys. After all, for Americans Globalisation is nothing but Americanisation.

SC ruling stops selling of HPCL. Why is this country's politicians never look beyond their geography to understand that the world has changed. When the discussion was already on and decided to be sold, why is a delay & sudden deregulation to go with. One thing is very clear is that, the progress of this nation will & never be an agenda for any politician. Shame but got to accept and run. This is a clear sign of how badly we make decisions at govt. levels.

For flash junkies, one of the contender for the Calif. Governor election has released 2 min. flash film against Arnold on the Internet. Just read. looking for the link to connect. any idea.

Sunday, September 14

Running Around

Hectic meetings and "deliver yesterday' kinda assignments. Life runs on a fast track. will update sooner.

Thursday, September 11

What the World Thinks

When browsing thru' my Fast company subcription, i was surprised to see this.Fast Company Now This is the official blog from the people who write Fast company, world's leading online edition for technology & marketing. This seems to be the way the future is all about, where the employees of an org. dont' have to worry about what the organisation taught them to do, but, what taught about the org. & environment.

and What more, 2 years have gone by on Sep. 11th. I could still remember how i first witness it. I was in malaysia, watching a Pirated VCD of "samudram" a Sharath & K. S. Ravi movie, in my friend's apartment, then his mobile fone rings & tells about the issue. It was around 10.30 in the night i suppose. From there, we were non-stop watching the whole episode of anguish, drama, fear & terror till 3.00 AM in the morning. the next day, is not a normal day for me, as i landed up in malaysia on a business visa. Nostalgia

Wednesday, September 10

Why I am not blogging frequently

Quite a no. of people ask me about why i am not blogging regularly. Well, blogging cannot be done as a work, it is the way i post things which i like. To me blogging is like Singing, writing, so whenever i feel like only, i will blog. Charu has quoted me on a few incidence in his latest Konal Pakkangal, some of them are a learning for me, to know that my body language seems to be sitting on wrong side. Thanks Charu.

Thursday, September 4

.National Anthem

It's very sad that to know that after 56 years of freedom, we slowly forget our national anthem & its value it stood for. I have attended meetings, where before the start of the meeting people [organisers] will search for girl to sing the "thamizhthai vazhuthu" & national anthem at the end. If you keenly listen to the chorus of this, you can find how many missed lines, mistakes, rearrangement, murmuring happenings. Here is a news bit which atlast, that not everybody has forgot our national anthem. Thanks Badri The Hindu Business Line : Ambience hopes to instil respect for national anthem

Wednesday, September 3

The curse called CAS [or a blessing]

All the eyes of the media is now with the city i live in, chennai. First time, CAS [ Conditional Access System ] for satellite channels has been implemented from 1st Sep. Going by the media reports, i see for yesterday & today, there is a lukeworm response for buying the Set Top Box and other related hardware for CAS.

Finally I get rid of annoying & frustrating verbals like [ "Anjali, than Kuzhanthaiyai Kappaturvalla" - (Kaviajanlali), "Bharniyae keduthavanae pazhi vangama vida matten" - (Payanam) - Star Vijay, Mummy- Tonite at 9.00 by HBO [telecasted for 1,23,45th time] and a host of boring & useless channels. Atleast, now my mother or my sister is not ordering me to go to the kitchen and arrange my food or my father & the kid glued to Animal Planet, without taking any of my queries [letter ethavathu vandutha?, Avar phone pannara?]. Still, for my home audience, nothing really has lost except for Star Vijay, they still watch soaps on Sun, Raj, Jaya & KTv. so for my home, except for a few lose for me, there is no need for a Set Top Box presently. Btw, I just know that Shriya [ SS Music Compere] is a daughter of former cricket player Bharat Reddy. Kolti Taste!!

Within this, I have lost a few of my fav. channels like CNBC TV18, Cartoon Network, NGC and Discovery but i am looking for a positive conversion of Pay channels into either a Free to Air [FTA] Channels, or can unbundle their channel offerings [Who sees Zee English & for that matter GoD Tv]. My operator runs a channel called "Hollywood" substituted for Star Movies. Any new channels in the offing?

I strongly beleive that there is a better world outside Star, Sony, Zee, Sahara and Sun. If these guys can connect some French channels [TV16 or 18 sometime back, i m not sure]. asian channels [japanese gaming channels] or the advertsing channel [UK channel which features only advertisements] that is worth watching than soaps, movies and useless dialogues. Going by this, i strongly foresee, that a day will come when bandwidth & net access is metered like electricity, [Thanks Mukesh Ambani], there can be a whole new possibilities of entertainment medium, not with constrains of these idotic channels, but can view & see Internet ready films, Net-Radios, online community channels, channel-ised gaming and what not. Captain Vyoming, is the Orbit Ready?

If anybody has 5 Crores come let's start a new Channel exclusively for World literature, Cinema, Short Films, Art, Classics & Techniques. I am ready with the PanAm Satelite contract for 2 years. [Late Breaking News: My cable operator turned Star Vijay, all the things about Kavianjail is back :-( ]

i Brandstream~ A New Brand World Book

After reading the morning Economic Times,I have searched for Scott Bedbury, the marketing & advertising genius behind, Nike, Starbucks. Here is his consulting outfit.Brandstream~ A New Brand World Book

Tuesday, September 2

Networking, extending & Building Relationships.

For any marketing professional's life, it is filled with networks, contacts and building relationships continuously. I have gone thru' this excellent article on the recent business world by none other than, Mahesh Murthy, the VJ-ish, VC from Passion fund. He directed me to few online particularly [] [] seems interesting and effective. Let's network & see.